Criminal Justice Administration Careers

Criminal Justice Administration Careers

Careers for Online Criminal Justice Degree's Graduate


In the lawful field is growing at a rapid pace, is a factor for the growth of government in national security. Investing in Homeland Security "has also lead to an increased demand for public and private security. Many police departments now require more academic requirements for police officers, security personnel or other position that requires knowledge of criminal law, most of them require at least an associate degree for the position or a promotion. This means that the field of criminal justice, qualified and experienced professionals are always in demand.

Get your criminal justice degree online

To upgrade the skills and knowledge of criminal law or this area without stopping your current job (or just busy) to take is not as difficult as it was. Time, distance and financial constraints of higher education have all but disappeared with the advent of distance learning and now all interested parties to win in this sector through the criminal justice degree online technology. Today, many traditional universities and colleges offer online criminal justice degree, students can take courses online. Among the universities, the criminal justice degree online include:
Criminal Justice Administration Careers
University of Phoenix Online
Kaplan University
Boston University
American InterContinental University Online
Colorado Technical University
Grantham University
Keiser College Online

A degree in criminal careers can a career in law enforcement investigation, the courts, security, corrections, law, forensics and public safety. In these careers:

Crime Scene Investigators are to carry out complex crime scene investigations. You are responsible for the initial assessment of the scene, and maintain the use of different equipment and to ensure that all physical evidence found at the scene of packaging. Based on the level of qualification and experience, the annual wage of this occupation $ 35,000 $ 55,000.

ATF Agent usually work for the U.S. Treasury and are liable for the implementation and enforcement of U.S. laws governing the possession and sale of alcohol, tobacco and firearms. Depending on the level of graduate and professional group, the basic salary for this job range from $ 30,000 to $ 130,000. (See the example of the setting of ad-ATF agent in USAJOBS – jobsearch . usajob . opm (dot) gov)

CIA Agent roles include, precise, accurate, comprehensive, evidence-based, foreign intelligence on national security, and to carry out special operations, law enforcement operations and other tasks related to national security and foreign intelligence, as indicated by the President. The annual salary for this position may vary from office work, but it is one of the high-income classes in criminal law.

Criminologist Criminologist primarily in research and teaching, criminologists supply a lot of knowledge for the education of police administration, police and policy, juvenile justice and youth crime, corrections and prison management and policies, etc. According to a 2002-03 survey of the American Association of Teachers, the salaries of full-time faculty averaged $ 64,455. In the standings, the average was $ 86,437 for professors, $ 61,732 for associate professors, assistant $ 51.545, $ 37.737 to $ 43.914 for teachers and trainers.

The FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the researchers of the government are primarily responsible for investigating violations of more than 260 laws and the implementation of sensitive national security investigations. The average annual salary of an FBI agent in the 40,000 to $ 100,000.

Forensic psychologists pertain psychology forensic psychology of the criminal justice system. They often have legal problems as the new law and public order and called on the mental state and competence of the accused must be paid at the time of the offense, and the rest of the procedure. Psychologist earns between $ 45,000 and $ 100,000 per year. (See Vacancy for example (see, for example hiring a USAJOBS – jobsearch . usajob . opm (dot) gov)

Forensic Science solve crimes by collecting and analyzing physical evidence and other evidence found at the scene. They analyze fingerprints, blood, semen, firearms, saliva, and drugs, and may also reconstruct skeletal bones. Expert forensic pathologists earn an average salary of $ 55,000 per year. Federal salaries are usually higher. (See Vacancy for example (see, for example hiring a USAJOBS -

Paralegal are supervised by qualified lawyers. They offer legal research, preparation for the study Notebook asked customers to help write legal briefs, reviewing and updating files, and creating documents. Salary and benefits for paralegals depending on location, activities and type of company they work for. Preliminary salaries typically range from $ 1,300 to $ 1,800 per month in little towns and law firms. Paralegals employed by the federal government earn an average annual salary between $ 20,000 and $ 25,000, depending on their experience and skills.


Career, are not above the full list of working conditions, there are many jobs associated with criminal cases, is important as a graduate in this field. Please note that the salary numbers vary for each type of work for your reference, depending on the number, type of occupation of the area of degree, working conditions, etc.

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