The training of the brain and heart

The training of the brain and heart

In the new training that I have run on: "Strong Personality! "I have as objective to create a kind of training the brain and heart.

We have given so much importance to the appearance in the last century. We plan; we spend so much silver and dressed in the maintenance of our body while forgetting our mind.

How much money did you spend last year to maintain your brain and your heart? How many books, training, travel and meetings have you used to feel better?
The training of the brain and heart

You know the rest.

Blog writing

Blog writing

Learn how to create a blog, a tour of the crowds. Meet the 10 principles of the effective bloggers.

You already have a blog but outside the narrow circle of friends, no one visits?
Or just planning to fund their talent blogosphere? Apart from this we learn some tricks used by the authors of the most popular blogs.

First, focus on valuable content.
What is written without much effort,
read without pleasure?

The fundamental principle which cannot be avoided, is the publication of valuable posts. Important is not only the choice of topic, but the form. Choose the original, even controversial issues that provoke readers to engage in a debate. Be sure to take but a moment to check his notes prior to the publication in terms of spelling (you can use a text editor) and style. Each of your posts must be considered in terms of composition. Remember that Internet users are ruthless and will see even a small error. Well think about the title of each note. Remember that this will be the first thing that meets the reader, the header so it must encourage you to read the entire text.

If you are interested in more information about great writing,
Furthermore, see our article, How to write advertising copy.

Second: Keep a balance, let the weary. Thirsty, they are more loyal than supersaturating.

Try to write often, but do not overdo it the other way.
Publishing six posts per day did not contribute to increase the popularity of your blog. Readers must wait for your notes; you cannot them "overfeed." Do not let your blog has fallen into oblivion, by your negligence. Enforce our discipline and create your own rhythm of blogging. You can post a note in the series - on Tuesday in a funny way, on Thursday, an overview of news from your area, and on Saturday "photo of the week."
Blog writing

Readers accustomed to this and will wait impatiently for the continuation of your favorite series. If you know that you will not be for some time before write posts and publish them to the chosen date by using the plug-in designed for this purpose.

Third: Build authentic and well-kept image. Authorities are able to create a brand by name.

To begin investing in a domain with its own name.
It's easier to remember than address. The first version does address a much better impression on the reader and reflects your professionalism. The site must be clear and legible. Long loading times would discourage readers. To avoid this, remove unnecessary widgets, leave only the most popular and most valuable.

It should also include a site map that will facilitate the movement of new readers. Make sure that the layout was clear. The published posts must be legible, so select the appropriate font and font size and color from its list of the background color. Graphic design should be friendly to the reader; it may not discourage or impede the collection of content.

Fourth: Take care of your fans.
Fans are oxygen, for the life of every star.

Take care of your readers! They decide the popularity of your blog.
Always read the comments left and try to respond. Take care also about the quality, keep removing the worthless (i.e. vulgarity, or request a "offset Kocha on my blogs!" And spam. You can create rules of commenting will be easier to take care of order. For left comments, you can also respond in the next post. Readers certainly will thank you for answering their questions and respond to needs. If in all your post, there are hundreds of comments that you may want to set up a forum on the blog? Mandatory add a contact form, or even e-mail or instant messaging number.

Fifth: Be an authority in the eyes of search engines.
The road to the top, passes through Google's algorithms.

Put your blog address in all known directories you selected, not forgetting to include the appropriate keywords. Remember that you are not alone in the Internet! Quote interesting posts that i found(necessarily with the source!) And inform their authors. It is a good chance that you are rewarding the same. Meet other bloggers. Published interviews with the most interesting figures of the blogosphere, usually they are open for talks. Do you have favorite blogs that you follow with bated breath? Suggest the authors to exchange links. A good move is also linking to their old posts, related to the topic you are currently writing about. This will ensure that search engines will view your site as a popular and valuable, and the position of your site in search results will be getting higher. It should take care of it, because most Internet users are viewing results only from the first page. Consider setting up an account on a social network (such as ours-class, Facebook) and place the address of your blog. If you give up on forums, good movement will set the blog address in your signature, to show up at your every utterance.

Sixth: Be creative in the selection of tools.
One picture is worth a thousand words.

Posts are not just words. Add variety to your blog!
You can publish from time to time notes in the form of video. An interesting idea is also to share their creativity. For example, if you are passionate about taking pictures, publish some posts in the form of a photo blog. Consider placing the probe on the blog or survey. You have an incredible opportunity to know what the blogosphere about the insistent you are currently a problem. Furthermore, make sure the layout. The best solution would, of course, the creation of innovative and original template, specifically for your blog.

Seventh: Keep the date of your blog.
Fresh always tastes better.

Take care of the timeliness of your blog. Publish information about interesting technical novelties or innovations in your industry. Try to regularly browse recommended links, and delete those that do not work. Keep an attractive side panel. Include the links to interesting web sites to date also introduces changes in the "about me." Take the tool Google Analytics. With his help, you will be able to track statistics about your blog.

Eighth: Two heads are better than one.
Look for help, among his fans.

If you have a few blogs, and you are unable to devote to each of them enough attention maybe you should consider hiring the professional bloggers? Hired writer will ensure that your readers can regularly read interesting posts. You will not have to worry about spelling and grammar rules; you indicate only the topic and get atracyjnÄ…, flawlessly edited note. In addition, a professional blogger knows all the secrets of the blogosphere and certainly rural and makes your blog more popular.

Ninth: You might want to swim against the current.
Creativity is the greatest value for each blog.

An original way to increase interest in your blog to do something like an original. Give vent to his creativity. You can upload an interview with someone known and respected in your industry. Your readers will surely be delighted with the attractive prize of the contest (it could be an interesting e-book, or something more substantial, depending on your experience). Such a move will ensure the influx of new readers attracted by the prospect of reward. Effective, though not the cheapest way, will also buy ad space in other media (e.g. newspapers).

Tenth: Do not overdo it with ads.
The beauty is to maintain the correct proportions.

Do you run a blog for profit? It does not justify placing dozens of ads, banners or annoying windows, pop-up at the wrong time. The blog is the most valuable content. They attract readers and provoke them to take with you the discussion. Everything else is permitted provided that it does not interfere with reception of the content. So place your ad on the sidebar and do not flood the blog mindless lyrics, because you will lose interest and trust of readers.

Being Successful In College

Being Successful In College

Seven tips for successful university

The university is a modern world for new students. In addition to changing modes of learning, organization, and the amount of work, students are often far from his home environment, has a wider and personal autonomy and must be well-organized and caring of its business.

The goal of each student is graduating with good evaluations, to facilitate their employ ability and achieve its ambitions. Based on reality, the seven following tips will help students be more successful university studies:

Choose your field of study:

Successful orientation is a prerequisite for successful university career. The decision to choose a discipline in which we can easily fit should be taken hastily or left to chance. The choice must satisfy several conditions: be motivated and choose a field of study that you are passionate, well determine your career goal, regardless of previous school, personality, interests and attitudes. Studying for love and vocation is one guarantees your success.

Have ambition and courage:

Be ambitious, courageous and optimistic, and indicate what you want to do and be (be realistic!). If ambition is a generative force of motivation, and courage, is the weapon to deal with various obstacles, hope this one true power source that we cleared the path. The student must always arm themselves with the triplet: ambition - Courage - Hope to make it a tool of success and excellence.
Being Successful In College

Overcoming language barriers:

The fact that most of the disciplines of higher education are taught, the student is obliged to master this language from the first months of his academic career, through intensive training in parallel. The student is expected to adopt a robust schedule of training to improve its ability to communication and language skills, by opening up to other languages ​​(especially English). If language is the medium of knowledge, his mastery further facilitates both the acquisition of knowledge and access to the world of employment.

Managing your time:

Time is what is most precious and once lost it is impossible to recover. We must therefore organize and plan activities. The revisions must be made on time, and the solution "to postpone" is avoided. Be efficient, and looking for the right time ratio / competence (differs from one person to another, and depends on our will, living conditions, legal status ...), and try to drop the pleasure of work, of review. You must be a master of your time, and avoid parasites (visiting a friend, family problem ...) especially during periods of exam preparation.

Attend classes:

Never miss a course except in case of necessity. Even if you are a course material, always try to take notes and highlight important points raised by Professor. Attend the course is far from being limited to physical presence, but rather, concentrate and listen carefully. If ever you have difficulty understanding some of course, do not hesitate to ask your teacher.

Not to be locked:

Give priority to their studies should not affect the pace of a balanced normal life of the student. Pay attention to your physical and psychological health and exercise regularly other parallel activities (sports, leisure, associative action ...). On the other hand, devote time to study is not satisfactory to ensure your success professional and social, then try to attend seminars, conferences, meetings ... to enrich your relationship network (winners, professors, experts, entrepreneurs ... ), and also stay tuned for news and reports of your socio-economic environment (learn daily) through various means: the Internet, TV, Radio, Newspapers ...

Working in groups:

Get ready to conquer the labor market, in which you will require to carry out your mission in close interaction with your organization (managers, staff, customers, users ...). Learn while working in groups gradually, to develop or consolidate his open mind.

This forces the group members to communicate to defend themselves and convince others, and their ability to: share their views, challenge their ideas, be justified by arguments, learn to cooperate ... it's training in the conduct of disparities between group members, disagreements see conflicts arising.

Avoid selfishness and individualism, and the maximum share documents and information regarding your training with your colleagues. This exchange will be an asset to any promotion.

Class Council

Class Council

The Class Council is a collegial body of the, attached to the delegates about the school measures.

The Board class in elementary schools
In elementary school are part of the class council:
· the Headmaster , with the functions of president,
· the class teachers;
· 1 representative of the parents.

The class council in high school
In the secondary school level are part of the class council:
· the Headmaster , with the functions of president,
· class teachers including the coordinator (appointed by the head teacher);
· 4 representatives of the parents.
Class Council

The class council in high school
In the secondary school level are part of the class council:
· the Headmaster , with the functions of president,
· the class teachers;
· 2 representatives elected by the parents of pupils enrolled in the class;
· 2 student representatives, elected by the students of the class.
· By a coordinator who is a teacher appointed by the head teacher of the class

^ a b c And in his absence, a teacher of the Board with delegated powers.

Getting a College Education

Getting a College Education

Education is an important fundamental facet of the success of a society. In many industrialized countries today, it is common for students to be enrolled in formal educational for nearly one-quarter of their lives. In the US, education is considered one of the largest and most influential industries. In recent years, enrollment numbers in all levels of institutions have increased. Similarly, employment opportunities in the field of education have also increased, as there is a high demand for qualified professionals to fulfill the teaching needs. Education-related positions are largely dependent on the degree-level competencies of the potential applicants, each degree (bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate’s) correlating to a hierarchy of jobs in the educational system.

Education Salary : How Much Does a Teacher Make?

Teaching in Elementary, Middle, and Secondary Schools
Teachers make up 47% of all education service workers. Elementary, middle, and secondary schools employ more teachers than are employed at any other level of education. These teachers can expect excellent job prospects and a national annual average income from $30,970 to $34,280 (though some states pay significantly more than others). Teachers of high demand subjects will have a higher earning potential. Teachers tend to receive unique benefits, such as more paid vacation time than in most professions, and can supplement their salaries by working in additional roles (such as coaching) in a school.
Getting a College Education

Teaching Exceptional Students
Teachers with an expertise in special education can anticipate better job prospects and higher salaries than most. Governments are placing more emphasis on aiding disabled students into classrooms with the assistance of trained specialists. Some schools also have programs designed to support students who present signs of advanced cognitive abilities in certain areas (“gifted” students). Special education teachers currently make an annual average between $40,480 and $63,500.

Teaching Higher Education
New higher education jobs are expected to open up in the United States as a higher percentage of the population is seeking post-secondary education, and professions requiring a bachelor’s degree as a minimum qualification. Postsecondary teachers make an average between $41,600 and $83,960 per year.

Educational Administration
Excellent job prospects are predicted for qualified educational administrators because retirement rates in this occupation are expected to be particularly high through to 2018. Also, principals and assistant principals are being given more administrative and academic responsibilities than in the past, and as a result, few other education workers (such as teachers) are choosing to compete for these positions. Educational administrators earn an average of about $31,290 to $54,680 per year. There is room to advance within the educational administration of school systems, and some school principals go on to become superintendants of school districts, educational policy-makers, or presidents of associations.

Federal Private Student Loans

Federal Private Student Loans

Private Education Loans, also known as Alternative Education Loans, help bridge the gap between the actual cost of your education and the limited amount the government allows you to borrow in its programs. Private loans are offered by private lenders and there are no federal forms to complete. Eligibility for private student loans often depends on your credit score.

Some families turn to private education loans when the federal loans don't provide enough money or when they need more flexible repayment options. For example, a parent might want to defer repayment until the student graduates, an option that is not available from the government parent loan program. (Many PLUS loan providers are starting to allow parents to defer payments on the PLUS loan while the student is in school using an administrative forbearance. Interest continues to accrue, however.)
Federal Private Student Loans
Private eduation loans tend to cost more than the education loans offered by the federal government, but are less expensive than credit card debt. The federal education loans offer fixed interest rates that are lower than the variable rates offered by most private student loans. Federal education loans also offer better repayment and forgiveness options. Since federal education loans are less expensive than and offer better terms than private student loans, you should exhaust your eligibility for federal student loans before resorting to private student loans.

Private student loans typically have variable interest rates, with the interest rate pegged to an index, such as LIBOR or PRIME, plus a margin. The LIBOR index is the London Interbank Offered Rate and represents what it costs a lender to borrow money. The Prime Lending Rate is the interest rate lenders offer to their most creditworthy customers. A rate of LIBOR + 2.8% is roughly the same as PRIME + 0.0%. The spread between LIBOR and PRIME has been growing over time. So all else being equal, it is better to have an interest rate pegged to the LIBOR index, as such a rate will increase more slowly than a rate pegged to the PRIME index.

The interest rates and fees you pay on a private student loan are based on your credit score and the credit score of your cosigner, if any. Generally, if your credit score is less than 650 (FICO), you are unlikely to be approved for a private student loan. An increase of just 30 to 50 points in your credit score is often enough to get you better terms on your loan.

It is better to apply for a private student loan with a cosigner even if you could qualify for the loan on your own. Just applying with a cosigner usually results in a slightly lower rate, as such loans are not as risky for the lender. Moreover, the interest rates and fees are usually based on the higher of the two credit scores. So if your cosigner has a much better credit score than you, it could result in a much lower interest rate.

Private student loans may be used to pay for the EFC, the family's portion of college costs. While some lenders may offer private student loans in excess of the cost of attendance, any amount exceeding the difference between cost of attendance and financial aid is considered a resource. Like an outside scholarship, this will reduce need-based aid. (Some lenders offer non-school-certified private student loans to bypass this limitation by not informing the college about the loan. If the college becomes aware of the loan, federal regulations require the college to reduce need-based aid. Pending federal legislation would require lenders to tell colleges about all private student loans, eliminating this loophole.) This cost-of-attendance limitation only applies to education loans, which are loans that make enrollment in college a condition of the loan. It does not matter where the loan proceeds are sent (e.g., direct to the borrower vs to the school) or how the loans are marketed. On the other hand, mixed-use loans, such as home equity loans and credit cards, are not considered education loans and as such are not limited by cost-of-attendance.

Lenders provide different types of private education loans depending on the student's level of study.

Parents who are considering an alternative education loan often also consider a home equity loan or a PLUS loan. There are several tradeoffs between these options.

FinAid maintains a list of the most popular private student loans and private consolidation loans.

Legitimate Online Degree Programs

Legitimate Online Degree Programs

As a legitimate online degree programs from misleading distinction Ones
With many retailers there may be difficult for the legitimate online degree programs to find. This handbook should be encouraged to stay away from fraudulent providers out there.

Demand for special jobs recorded an increase in the number of individuals who competed in almost every place they think they can get higher education. This in turn causes the influx of high school with the shadows as illegal every day. Owners of these formations is based on-line Web site says, diplomas and degrees in specific courses that are offered to international demand. In most cases, it is usually these online universities are not set by government agencies responsible for accreditation. If you browse through online programs, it is important that you look at the elements that support specific legal colleges and misleading.

One of the most light and most legitimate pre-high school is one that holds the domain "EDU". This area is controlled by the competent national authorities to make sure that they and ensure that institutions of learning. When the footwork domain transfer school that tells you have done for you and you can enter.

On the contrary. Com domain is very simple, so nobody can get to it. When you are online degree programs in the domain that you should also check the actual web address that gives more information such as name and email address which is registered high school. It can be found ICANN, a global organization that issues domain names.
Legitimate Online Degree Programs
The first step, which is on the lookout for more information concerns whether the college offers the following online degree programs are accredited. Another cross-check the online accredited college or university recognized organization. Most of on-line fraudulent claim that accreditation from one or another organization, so you must ensure that credit is a sham organization in itself. You can see a list of national and international agencies responsible for credit recognized educational institution. If the agency that listed an accredited college is not listed you must give the program a red light.

Another simple way, the truth is on the lookout for a list of accredited programs online or at universities. This will help you identify university programs that are not included in the list of accredited schools. You can go directly from the list and more to happen. It's safer to run a program that offers university on the list and find the program to choose. In other words, look at the university or program.

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