Blog writing

Blog writing

Learn how to create a blog, a tour of the crowds. Meet the 10 principles of the effective bloggers.

You already have a blog but outside the narrow circle of friends, no one visits?
Or just planning to fund their talent blogosphere? Apart from this we learn some tricks used by the authors of the most popular blogs.

First, focus on valuable content.
What is written without much effort,
read without pleasure?

The fundamental principle which cannot be avoided, is the publication of valuable posts. Important is not only the choice of topic, but the form. Choose the original, even controversial issues that provoke readers to engage in a debate. Be sure to take but a moment to check his notes prior to the publication in terms of spelling (you can use a text editor) and style. Each of your posts must be considered in terms of composition. Remember that Internet users are ruthless and will see even a small error. Well think about the title of each note. Remember that this will be the first thing that meets the reader, the header so it must encourage you to read the entire text.

If you are interested in more information about great writing,
Furthermore, see our article, How to write advertising copy.

Second: Keep a balance, let the weary. Thirsty, they are more loyal than supersaturating.

Try to write often, but do not overdo it the other way.
Publishing six posts per day did not contribute to increase the popularity of your blog. Readers must wait for your notes; you cannot them "overfeed." Do not let your blog has fallen into oblivion, by your negligence. Enforce our discipline and create your own rhythm of blogging. You can post a note in the series - on Tuesday in a funny way, on Thursday, an overview of news from your area, and on Saturday "photo of the week."
Blog writing

Readers accustomed to this and will wait impatiently for the continuation of your favorite series. If you know that you will not be for some time before write posts and publish them to the chosen date by using the plug-in designed for this purpose.

Third: Build authentic and well-kept image. Authorities are able to create a brand by name.

To begin investing in a domain with its own name.
It's easier to remember than address. The first version does address a much better impression on the reader and reflects your professionalism. The site must be clear and legible. Long loading times would discourage readers. To avoid this, remove unnecessary widgets, leave only the most popular and most valuable.

It should also include a site map that will facilitate the movement of new readers. Make sure that the layout was clear. The published posts must be legible, so select the appropriate font and font size and color from its list of the background color. Graphic design should be friendly to the reader; it may not discourage or impede the collection of content.

Fourth: Take care of your fans.
Fans are oxygen, for the life of every star.

Take care of your readers! They decide the popularity of your blog.
Always read the comments left and try to respond. Take care also about the quality, keep removing the worthless (i.e. vulgarity, or request a "offset Kocha on my blogs!" And spam. You can create rules of commenting will be easier to take care of order. For left comments, you can also respond in the next post. Readers certainly will thank you for answering their questions and respond to needs. If in all your post, there are hundreds of comments that you may want to set up a forum on the blog? Mandatory add a contact form, or even e-mail or instant messaging number.

Fifth: Be an authority in the eyes of search engines.
The road to the top, passes through Google's algorithms.

Put your blog address in all known directories you selected, not forgetting to include the appropriate keywords. Remember that you are not alone in the Internet! Quote interesting posts that i found(necessarily with the source!) And inform their authors. It is a good chance that you are rewarding the same. Meet other bloggers. Published interviews with the most interesting figures of the blogosphere, usually they are open for talks. Do you have favorite blogs that you follow with bated breath? Suggest the authors to exchange links. A good move is also linking to their old posts, related to the topic you are currently writing about. This will ensure that search engines will view your site as a popular and valuable, and the position of your site in search results will be getting higher. It should take care of it, because most Internet users are viewing results only from the first page. Consider setting up an account on a social network (such as ours-class, Facebook) and place the address of your blog. If you give up on forums, good movement will set the blog address in your signature, to show up at your every utterance.

Sixth: Be creative in the selection of tools.
One picture is worth a thousand words.

Posts are not just words. Add variety to your blog!
You can publish from time to time notes in the form of video. An interesting idea is also to share their creativity. For example, if you are passionate about taking pictures, publish some posts in the form of a photo blog. Consider placing the probe on the blog or survey. You have an incredible opportunity to know what the blogosphere about the insistent you are currently a problem. Furthermore, make sure the layout. The best solution would, of course, the creation of innovative and original template, specifically for your blog.

Seventh: Keep the date of your blog.
Fresh always tastes better.

Take care of the timeliness of your blog. Publish information about interesting technical novelties or innovations in your industry. Try to regularly browse recommended links, and delete those that do not work. Keep an attractive side panel. Include the links to interesting web sites to date also introduces changes in the "about me." Take the tool Google Analytics. With his help, you will be able to track statistics about your blog.

Eighth: Two heads are better than one.
Look for help, among his fans.

If you have a few blogs, and you are unable to devote to each of them enough attention maybe you should consider hiring the professional bloggers? Hired writer will ensure that your readers can regularly read interesting posts. You will not have to worry about spelling and grammar rules; you indicate only the topic and get atracyjnÄ…, flawlessly edited note. In addition, a professional blogger knows all the secrets of the blogosphere and certainly rural and makes your blog more popular.

Ninth: You might want to swim against the current.
Creativity is the greatest value for each blog.

An original way to increase interest in your blog to do something like an original. Give vent to his creativity. You can upload an interview with someone known and respected in your industry. Your readers will surely be delighted with the attractive prize of the contest (it could be an interesting e-book, or something more substantial, depending on your experience). Such a move will ensure the influx of new readers attracted by the prospect of reward. Effective, though not the cheapest way, will also buy ad space in other media (e.g. newspapers).

Tenth: Do not overdo it with ads.
The beauty is to maintain the correct proportions.

Do you run a blog for profit? It does not justify placing dozens of ads, banners or annoying windows, pop-up at the wrong time. The blog is the most valuable content. They attract readers and provoke them to take with you the discussion. Everything else is permitted provided that it does not interfere with reception of the content. So place your ad on the sidebar and do not flood the blog mindless lyrics, because you will lose interest and trust of readers.

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