What can you do with a psychology Degree

Applied Psychology – A Brilliant Career Option

Once you are through with your schooling, you head to choose your most desired stream. In fact, this is the biggest decision of your life since you go on to opt for such an academic program that can help and inspire you to prosper in life. One such lucrative and interesting course you can choose is applied psychology. Pursuing your career with psychology can be certainly rewarding.

The usage of psychology in diverse fields is known as applied psychology. It basically deals with the analyzing and understanding of traditional psychology in various sectors of the society. Applied psychology is offered through regular and online mode as well. Traditional campus-based learning programs are also offered. However, student residing overseas prefer to go for the online learning mode. Whether you are willing to pursue Bachelor’s, Master’s, Associate’s or a Doctoral degree in this field, you can either opt for the regular mode or distance learning .

Here are the diverse specialization areas as well as the various designations in applied psychology. Have a look at the following paragraphs:

Psychotherapist – Psychotherapists are those who help people to come out of their uneasiness and depression. There are many people in your society who might be suffering from anxieties for long. So, you can always take this opportunity and help them.

Cognitive Behavioral psychologist – He helps people to motivate and think positive. Every human being must have faith within himself. So, being a Cognitive Behavioral psychologist, you can help your friends and near ones.

Experimental psychologist – He can efficiently tackle any of the social problems thereby doing something good for one’s own society.

Industrial psychologist – An industrial psychologist plays a key role in boosting up the motivation of an employee. These personnel are appointed in reputed corporate offices.
If you are willing to pursue a certificate course in applied psychology, you will be taught subjects covering Human Growth and Development, Behavioral studies, Criminology, Statistics and Communication. On the other hand, the Bachelor’s degree will cover subjects related to Human Diversity and Difference, Counseling and Coaching Psychology, Social, Biological and Development Psychology, problem solving and Reasoning Skills, and Memory, Thought and Language.

For a Master’s degree in applied psychology, you will be taught the basic principles of psychology, psychological disorders, perception and ergonomics and research methodology.

Nowadays, people prefer to pursue an online degree in applied psychology instead of doing the same through a regular mode. The benefits are numerous in online education. Firstly, you are not required to travel to the campus class and attend regular lectures. You can do it in the comfort of your home. Secondly, you can study independently and complete at your own pace. Even in terms of accreditation, an online degree is similar to that of a regular one.

Consumer psychology, Clinical Neuropsychology and Social psychology are the three most preferred courses in applied psychology. Consumer psychology teaches you marketing skills, clinical neuropsychology teaches the psychometric foundations of varied diagnosis, and Social Psychology helps to better interpersonal communications.

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